E 11-5 Depreciation methods; solving for unknownsFor each of the following depreciable assets determine the missing amount (?). Abbreviations for depreciation methods are SL for straight line SYD for sum-of-the-years digits and DDB for double-declining balance. Please show necessary steps to attain outcome. Assets Cost Residual Value Service Life (years) Depreciation Method Depreciation (Year 2)A ? 20000 5 DDB 24000B 40000 ? 8 SYD 7000C 65000 5000 ? SL 6000D 230000 10000 10 ? 22000E 200000 20000 8 150%DB ?E 11-10 Double-declining-balance method; switch to straight line On January 2 2011 the Jackson Company purchased equipment to be used in its manufacturing process. The equipment has an estimated life of eight years and an estimated residual value of $30625. The expenditures made to acquire the asset were as followsPurchase price $154000Freight charges 2000 Installation charges 4000Jackson s policy is to use the double-declining-balance (DD) method of depreciation in the early years of the equipment s life and then switch to straight line halfway through the equipment s life.Required:1. Calculate depreciation for each year of the asset s eight-year life.2. Discuss the accounting treatment of the depreciation on the equipment

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