MNC PaperAdditionally you are to select a multinational company (MNC) and present the name of the company to your professor for approval (post in the conference). Your company must have segments inventory and accounts receivable.The approved multinational company will serve as an example for discussion throughout the semester as well as an actual case study where you will relate the concepts of IFRS and international accounting issues including transfer pricing and taxation creating a 7 10 page double spaced deliverable. APA format is required as explained by your professor.Power Point PresentationFor the final week of class students will present and comment on a Power Point file presentation based on the research paper. This presentation will occur in the conference discussion. The Power Point file must also be submitted in the assignment folder along with the research paper prior to the due date assigned by your professor.The Power Point presentation should be brief (no more than 7 slides) with one slide for the Research Paper IFRS topic and 6 slides for the MNC Paper. Use bullets on your Power Point presentation. Do not copy and paste paragraphs from your papers. The title page and works cited page are not counted in the 7 slide maximum.You must post comments on the work of at least one other student in the conferences so all students receive at least one set of comments. Post your Power Point presentation early so students have a chance to view it and make comments. This is our constructive criticism assignment.My MNC is BMWiTS AN INTERNATIONAL ACCOUNTING CLASSseveral discussin we have had in class wereWorld accounting diversityinternational harmonization of financial reportingInternational Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS)Comparative AccountingForeign Currency Transactions and Hedging Foreign RiskTranslation of Foreign Currency Financial StatementsAdditional Financial Reporting IssuesAnalysis of Foreign Financial StatementsInternational TaxationInternational Transfer Pricing

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