3 25 Comprehensive cycle problem: perpetual systemAt the beginning of 2012 the jeater company had that following balances in its accounts:Cash $ 4300Inventory 9000Common stock 10000Retained earnings 3300RequiredProblem 4-20The following data apply to superior auto supply inc. for may 20121. Balance per the bank on may 31 $80002. Deposits in transit not recorded by the bank $9753. Bank error check written by allen auto supply was charged to superior auto sales account $6504. The following checks written and recorded by superior auto supply were not included in the bank statement: 3013-$385 3054-$735 3056-$19005. Not collected by the bank $5006. Service charge for the collection of note $107. The book keeper recorded a check written for $188 to pay for the may utilities expense as $888 in the cash disbursements journal8. bank service charge in addition to the note collection fee $259. customer checks returned to the bank as NSF $125Required: determine the amount of unadjusted cash balance per superior auto supply s books.

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