Teachers: -The elements that unite services that differentiate service processes from non-service processes and that differentiate various types of services from each other. Customers generally participate in the service process often with direct and uncensored interactions with employees and facilities. The resulting variations in demand present a challenge to the operations manager to use effectively the perishable service capacity. -This results because production and consumption occur simultaneously and thus the inability to inventory services. -The course covers strategic and tactical issues associated with designing and managing service operations. It provides tools to help assess operations redesign processes and establish systems to ensure an excellent customer experienceGrade ComponentsDeliverableDate Due% of GradeQuizzes (Total of 5 quizzes) Bi-Weekly18%Individual Cases (Total of 2 cases)Upload before end of Week 4 and end of Week 640%Group Case (Total of 1 case)Upload before end of Week 822%Graded Discussion BoardsWeekly20%Total
100%Grade Rubric for Participation inWeekly Discussion Board Weight FactorsQuestion-response message and reply message are appropriate coherent and logical 50%
Question-response message is supported by outside research as needed20%
Proper grammar punctuation APA references (if applicable)15%
Messages are of sufficient length (250 words each or more)15%
Total Weight Factors100%


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