Use the attached document to complete all of the weekly projects. It is recommended that you print this document for easy reference throughout the term.Due Week 1: Project Topic Selection Paper One of the most critical steps in this class is selecting an organization. You will use this topic for each weekly project and the Project Recommendations. An organization must be submitted for approval before you can proceed to the next elements of the assignment. Failure to submit your topic selection by the due date will preclude you from completing the upcoming project assignments.When selecting an organization for purposes of these assignments it s best to select a mid-size organization where you will be able to access the information needed to complete these assignments. Selecting an organization that is too large like Wal-Mart or GE will be too significant a scope for these assignments. Selecting a small organization of under 20 employees won t provide the needed dynamic to complete these assignments. When considering what organization to select you may select an organization where you work or have worked. You might also select an organization that is of interest to you but it should be an organization where you have access to resources to complete the required assignments.There are many scholarly sources available within the Davenport University Library. Additionally other great resources could be leaders within the organization who you can interview. One word of caution it s important to maintain objectivity. This will be demonstrated by your scholarly research.For the Project Topic Selection you will submit a 2 page APA formatted paper that will include the following: The topic must be approved by faculty before you can proceed.

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