QUESTION 61. Weekly sales of copy paper at ABC Suppliers are in the table below. Which forecasting method is more accurate to forecast week 8 sale Initial forecast for week 1 was 17 cases.WeekSales (cases)118223331432518616724Answer3-weeks moving averageexponential smoothing-Alpha=0.1exponential smoothing-Alpha=0.9Weighted moving average. Weights of 0.5 for the most recent period then 0.3 and 0.2 for previous two periodsRegression analysisQUESTION 81. ABC Inc. started producing its new line of parts at the end of year 0. In year 1 it produced 45000 parts at a total cost of $660000. In year 2 its production increased to 85000 parts at a total cost of $1140000. If the Fixed cost and variable cost per unit are the same what must be the variable cost per part (c) and the fixed cost (F)?AnswerF is less than $80000 and c is greater than $7F is greater than $60000 and c is less than $9F is greater than $100000 and c is greater than $13F is greater than $110000 and c is less than $16None of the above are correct5 points 5 points QUESTION 101. The ABC Company is screening three new product ideas. Only one idea must be selected. The following estimates have been made for the performance criteria that management feels are most important along with the weight of each in decision making. What are the best and worst alternatives?Estimated Rating
Performance criterionWeightABC1Demand uncertainty0. to present products0. return on investment0.3510.40.74Compatibility with current process0. advantage0. is best and B is worstB is best and C is worstB is best and A is worstC is best and A is worstNone of the above is correct

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