Need to write only 2 pages about the Organizing Processes of Careington company. Information of the company is attached. Follow the instructions. It has to be plagiarism free!Needs to be done before monday 3:30pm.ORGANIZING PROCESSESThe Organizing Processes piece of your analysis is focused on examining and interpreting indicators of how the firm organizes its assets in ways that create specific capabilities for the firm and ultimately value for its customers. The organizing that occurs in turn results from three organizational components: a) organization structure b) management processes and c) leadership behavior (see Chapter 8).To appreciate the organizing processes of a firm you need to start by gathering information about each of the 3 components and how they allow the firm to organize its assets. Working from the case material identify as much as you can about how this is accomplished. Note that depending on the case material information on organization structure management processes and leadership behavior may come from multiple sources e.g. a picture of an organization chart statements about how things are done within the firm or in a variety of other forms. You are likely to have to read between the lines in many instances to get a feel for each of the components of organizational processes.As in previous steps your goal at this point is data collection. That is you are trying to collect as many indicators as you can about the characteristics and the effectiveness of the processes used by the firm to organize its assets. Sorting through and determining the importance of particular aspects will come in later steps.

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