reparationStudy Customized Readings for QNT5040 Business Modeling Chapter 9You are to create a 12 month forecast from September 2013 through August 2014 for Tech Tierra that uses the following forecasting techniques: The one variable summary in StatTools. To decide which of these has the best forecast probability you will concentrate on the following results as provided by the software: Important things you need to knowYour Tasks Carry out the various statistical tests as indicated above. Write a management report (using the required format) suggesting and justifying an appropriate decision regarding the sales forecast. In your report analyze the patterns of the monthly time series; discuss the properties of each forecasting model and their relevance to predicting the series; select the best forecasting model for the series; make your recommendations supported by arguments which are further supported by references to model results and tables or figures in your report. Independent outside research is encouraged to provide relevant background information and/ or to provide more support for your arguments.

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