Question 1 The production function of a company can perform its activities in a way that is consistent with high product quality which leads to __________ and __________.inconsistencies; higher costsproduct differentiation; lower costsproduct differentiation; higher costshappy employees; more mistakesdisgruntled employees; better sales
Question 2The development of a set of functional-level strategies to increase the performance of the operating system a company uses to transform inputs into finished goods and services is known as:research and development.utilizing new technology.value chain management.materials management.efficiency management.
Question 3 The way in which machines robots and people are grouped together affects how ___________ they can be.futuristicproductivecomplexhigh-tech
Question 4 Which is NOT an integrating mechanism that organizations can use to increase coordination?Direct contactLiaisonsTask forcesOmbudsmenCross-functional teams
Question 5 One way organizations can keep their hierarchy flat is to:decrease the span of control.increase the number of levels of management.decentralize authority.enlarge jobs.decrease autonomy.
Question 6 The process by which managers design the working relationship among the workers of the organization is known as _______________.planningleadingorganizingcontrollingthe span of controlQuestion 7 ______________ manufacturing aims at reducing the time required to set up production equipmentProcessFixed-positionFacilitiesProductFlexible
Question 8 A counselor who works with the families of teenagers who are drug-dependent has ________________ than a worker who washes the left side of automobiles as they come through a car wash servicelower task significanceless autonomyless skill varietyless task identityhigher task significanceQuestion 9 The number of new problems that a manager experiences in performing his or her job is known as:task analyzability.task variety.continuous-process technology.job design.small-batch technology.Question 10 It costs approximately $1 to execute a transaction at a bank such as shifting money from one account to another. How much would the same transaction cost were it executed over the internet?$0.01$0.25$0.50$2.00$10.00

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