I have a final project due August 22nd it is a timed project. The project starts at 7:00pm-9:00pm. I onl have a budgetfor $60.
The final project is the last phase of the Dashboard project. It uses decision making skills problem solving skills and information technologies in order to apply the business and economic knowledge gained from the project experience. You will have 3 questions that you answer in Blackboard based on your excel skills and analysis of the data. You must show the work in the Excel spreadsheet that you will also submit.
You MUST submit the Excel spreadsheet and answer the questions in Blackboard to receive credit. This project can only be taken once and will not be accepted after August 23rd.
This project has a time limit of 2 hours. DO NOT OPEN IT UNTIL YOU ARE READY TO TAKE IT.
You will be notified when time expires and you may continue or submit. Warnings appear when half the time 5 minutes 1 minute and 30 seconds remain. Make sure to have a 2 hour window that you can work on this because you will not be allowed to take it twice. You will have points deducted if you do not submit the project by the end of the 2 hour window. It will be considered late. Exam Review .Content
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You will have two hours to complete your project.
Your Exam will consist of:
Essay Questions
1. You will answer the questions by using your Excel & Access Skills to query the answers.
2. You will analyze the data and draw conclusions.
The project will include excel skills and analysis:
Now Function
IF Function
Name Manager for Row Titles
Conditional Formatting
Average Function
Sparkline Column Chart
Pivot Tables
Pivot Table Values (Sum Count Average etc.)
Pivot Charts
Group dates to have months years and quarters (One timewhen you start the exam. Do not redo or undo). It will change your answers.
Stacked Time Comparison Chart
Charts with secondary axis
Forecasting using Linear Trendlines in charts
You will analyze the data

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