1. Create a small Family database with one table to include data about members of your family. Include data fields such as family member number first name last name type of relationship hometown and age. You can be creative with the family member number or use the autogenerated number from the database. It must be a unique value; each member of your family must have a different family member number. Populate the database with members of your family. Be sure to include data about yourself in the table. Place at least 10 records in your database table even if it is necessary to make up information. The type of database can be SQL Server or Access. Write a C# program to display all of the data that appears in the database table on a data grid. 2. Using the database created in the previous part modify your solution to only display the names of the members of your family in a data grid. Dock the grid so that it fills the form. Change the color of the data grid columns increase the size of the font choose appropriate headings for your columns and format the grid control so that it is professionally aesthetically appealing.

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