The last element of our ePortfolio is to determine how we can utilize our insights to solve a problem that faces our chosen field. At the core of leadership is the ability to solve a problem. In this section, we are essentially showing how you can lead within your field.

You know the field (profession) that you are in, or that you want to go into. Because you know your field intimately, you know some constant problems that face your field. These can be significant problems that are nationwide or even small problem that impact a specific organization/company.

Your first step is to identify the problem that you care about and explain the problem in detail. Remember, the person reading your paper may not know your field as well as you do, so be sure to be descriptive!
The next step is to fully explain how your insights relate to this problem and how you can solve this problem by utilizing your insights.

Your mini-paper should be between 500-750 words. Please submit your mini-paper (as a Word document) to the submission area by the specified due date.


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