Use the research you conducted in Week 2 (or new research). Don’t forget to include concrete research as it can be very effective in trying to persuade an investor. Although you won’t have to cite your sources (as in a formal college paper), you will want to use terms like As the research demonstrates or Findings indicate that…or Statistics I have gathered show that…. It’s all about credibility and preparedness. Research can go into the Statement of the Problem or Need section and/or the Proposed Solution section. Avoid citing research in the introduction.

Formatting: The way you format or present your work is essential in business/professional writing. It speaks to organization and readability. The standard is single-spaced within sections/paragraphs and double-spaced between them. Make sure the spacing is uniform all the way through. Headings are bolded. Paragraphs are in block format (do not indent) and everything is left-aligned. Avoid bolding, italicizing or underlining text unless you are using headings or emphasizing an idea; and even so, use these features sparingly.


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