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Choose a known criminal offender or serial killer of interest to you. Ensure there is enough reference material about this persons life from early childhood to the time s/he was arrested to complete this assignment. Give a brief description of the crimes committed and how the killer was apprehended.

Your focus should be on what led this individual to engage in the anti-social behavior s/he exhibited by applying a minimum of two Criminology theories discussed during class, from the textbook, and/or from your own research, and your understanding of the material.

Your theories MUST be specific, not the overall category. For example, you may apply Neutralization Theory to your offender, but simply stating Social Process Theory applies is not acceptable.

Remember, it is not okay to simply mention the theories. You must apply them to your research.

Your sources/references must be credible (non-fiction books, documentaries, and periodicals are acceptable. Hollywood movies are not acceptable. Wiki related sources are not acceptable.) Academic journals should be used where possible.

The paper will be a minimum of five (5) full pages and not more than 10. Paper must be in APA format (double-spaced, no larger than 12 pt font, 1 margins top, bottom & sides). Include a cover page and reference page (neither will be included in the five page minimum requirement). Abstracts will not be included in the minimum page count either.


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