This paper will be a research paper(utilizing the Meyer book)addressing the following:

Meyer, Danny (2006). Setting the table: The transforming power of hospitality in business. New York, NY: Harper Collins.

1.Utilize academic sources to define the term service.

Note: Wikipedia sites, dictionary sites, encyclopedias, etc. are not academically
recognized sources and must not be used!

2.Research and explain how Service is defined in Hospitality and Tourism.
3.Research and explain what comprises Qualityin Hospitality and Tourism.
4.Research and explain the difference between quality and consistency.
5.Research and explain how Quality Serviceisperceived and maintained within the Hospitality and Tourism industry.
6.Research and explain how quality perceptions have changed from the past to present day. 
7.Research and explain if and how quality perceptions by guests are forecasts to change in the future.

Minimum of 15 pages, with a maximum of twenty pages(excluding the title page and reference page, which must be included). A minimum of 10 references, including 5 citations from Meyer (2006), must be used and cited utilizing APA style format throughout. This paper should be a clear, concise, and professional document utilizing single-spacing, using12-point Times Roman font with one-inch page margins.

**Meyer, Danny (2006). Setting the table: The transforming power of hospitality in business. New York, NY: Harper Collins.**
**Ford, R. C., Sturman, M. C., & Heaton, C. P. (2012). Managing quality service in hospitality. Demar Cengage learning.*

**Blanchard, K. H., Bowles, S., & Saputra, L. (1993).Raving fans. Random House Audio.
**Bowles, J., & Hammond, J. (1991).Beyond quality: How 50 winning companies use continuous improvement. Putnam Pub Group.
**LeBoeuf, M., Wollman, L., Werner, J., & Holland, S. (1989).How to win customers and keep them for life.
**Berkley Books.Marriott, J. W.,& Brown, K. A. (2000).The spirit to serve: Marriott’s way. HarperCollins.
**Willingham, R. (1992). Hey, I’m the Customer: Front Line Tips for Providing Superior Customer Service. Prentice-Hall.
**Zemke, R., & Williamson, B. H. (2001). Delivering knock your socks off service. AMACOM Div American Mgmt Assn.


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