Discussion: Quantitative Studies
Discussion Topic:

As you consider the range of projects in this class, some of you will have a preference in the future to do a qualitative study, some quantitative, and other mixed methods.  This week you have been reading more about quantitative study factors such as surveys. However, you may also choose to do interviews or focus groups. As you think about your project, answer the following questions as it might apply to your topic:

What elements of the checklist of questions for designing a survey method (or you can apply it to interviews or focus groups) do you think are relevant? Would you add any items to the checklist? Justify your choice.
Discuss the usefulness of pretesting, pilot testing, or field-testing a survey. Would you need to do any of these things for your applied research project in this program? Why or why not?
How can response bias influence the outcomes of a study such as yours? Please explain.
From a Christian worldview perspective, would any of your answers to these questions change? How will your Christian worldview impact your project design and methodology or would it?


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