In the Queens Gambit, Beth learned quickly that she needed to develop a chess strategy that involved more than just reacting to her opponents moves and using a shortsighted strategy – while taking into consideration the position of all of her pieces on the board, she needed to think in terms of groups of moves (a series of moves rather than one move at a time). Some famous group moves mentioned in the show were the Sicilian defense and Morphys branch. Using this strategy, Beth was able to predict where her opponent would be moving based on her previous move, and she could plan further ahead to ensure a checkmate.

Take into consideration this concept of reacting versus planning. How can we apply that and the notion of group moves to the development of an effective hospitality marketing strategy? Can you think of a hospitality company that has a more reactive marketing strategy? And a company that has a more planning-based marketing strategy? Which strategy do you believe is better?


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