Throughout this course we will be using RStudio as our environment for working with the R programming language.

Before you begin this assignment, make sure that you have reviewed the R videos on this module’s lecture page.

When you are ready to begin, complete the following steps for this module’s R assignment:

Let’s revisit Fred from the R Assignment in Module 2. After reviewing his baseline data, Fred was made aware of his handwashing behavior. His social worker implemented an intervention to try and curtail the behavior. Fred has continued recording the number of times he washes his hands daily. After several weeks, the social worker is trying to determine how effective the intervention is.

Use the Fred data set download

, and do this analysis for each of the variables:
Report the number of observations in each phase, an appropriate measure of central tendency, and, if using the mean, report the standard deviation.
Explain your box plot.
Create a line graph and label it with a measure of central tendency in each phase. Set an appropriate goal and denote that on the graph.
Overall, with the goal in mind, what would you do to analyze what you see in order to determine whether Fred is improving now.

Upload the following by the deadline posted on this page:

A Word document with the following information:
The number of observations in each phase, the mean, the standard deviation, and the box plot.
A description of the box plot and what it tells you about the distribution.
The line graph, labeled with a measure of central tendency in each phase.
An identified goal for Fred and an explanation of whether or not Fred is improving.
Review the following materials to prepare for this module:

Auerbach, C. & Zeitlin, W. (2014). SSD for R: An R package for analyzing single-system data. New York, NY: Oxford University Press.
Read Chapter 4.
Kazdin, A. E. (2011). Single-case research designs: Methods for clinical and applied settings. (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.


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