Please number the questions as referenced below and follow the directions for each question. If you quote the article, you must cite and reference it appropriately, otherwise it is plagiarism.

Please read the two articles provided in reference to raw pet diets and answer the following questions:

1. What groups of people are at a higher risk of developing a serious infection from being in a household with a pet who eats a raw food diet? Why are these groups of people at a higher risk?
2. What are the symptoms of a salmonella infection in a human?
3. Who is the FDA and should we support and communicate their recommendations to owners?
4. You are a vet tech working in an animal hospital. Why is it important for you to know if the pet you are working on is fed a raw food diet and what precautions, if any,  would you take if you were working with a pet who eats a raw food diet?
5. In this digital era, we see that opinion is often valued more than facts and information provided on the internet does not have to be verified. During your studies to become a veterinary professional, and after graduation, how will you differentiate between fact and opinion?


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