Assignment Name:
Paper 2:
This paper is a reflection. Reflect on social problems currently happening between race/ethnic groups and crime and criminal justice. This is your chance to non-formally dive into a reflection on your perspective, how you feel, and what changes you think we need as a society to better race/ethnic group relations and societys relationship with crime and the criminal justice system.

Purpose: A goal of our course is to analyze factors contributing to social inequality and its consequences. This week, we explored crime and criminal justice. Last week, we examined race/ethnic groups.
After completing this assignment, you should be able to analyze the ways in which race/ethnic groups interact with crime and criminal justice differently. You should be able to evaluate what this means for different groups, especially children growing up in said groups.
Lastly, you should be able to reflect on the way race/ethnic groups are treated when it comes to crime and the criminal justice system. Remember: this is not just talking about how police treat people. This goes beyond police think about lawyers, judges, and other parts of society. Think about who is a victim to crime, which crimes, and why. This includes things like hate crime, petty crime, predatory crime, violent crime, and etc.

Task: Your task is to: (1) Read Chapter 13. Keep in mind Chapter 12 from last week. (2) Take this paper wherever you want to! Simply ensure that you reflect on what is happening in our society. Discuss the ways in which different race/ethnic groups interact with crime and the criminal justice system. Elaborate on your perspective, thoughts, and feelings. There is no right or wrong; however, you must state what you think and feel. Do not make definite statements unless you are going to make this assignment more complex and add citations and a works cited. (3) Next, write a 3-page, MLA format, double spaced, paper in Times New Roman, 12pt. font that achieves the goal in Task #2 (4) Create your 4th (or last should you write more than 3 pages) page and include a Works Cited page if you chose to make claims that need it.


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