Choose one of the research areas under the Trends in Requirements Management in Chapter One of the Wiley Guide to Project Technology, Supply Chain and Procurement Management. Those trends include:

  • Data Processing and Modeling
  • Increasing Formality
  • Viewpoints
  • Goal-oriented requirement elicitation
  • Nonbehavioral requirements
  • Scenarios

In this paper, provide the reader the following for your chosen trend:

  • Introduce information on the trend
  • What research has been done in this trend
  • What exciting new outputs may be derived from this research that could add to how we gather requirements
  • What is next for this trend e.g. further questions to be answered, efforts to use some of the knowledge derived from the research in projects, etc.


  • Assignment Format: APA format
  • Submission Format: MS Word
  • Length: [8 pages (not including cover & references pages)
  • Citations Required: Minimum 0f 5 citations (2 Scholarly and three from other legitimate resources)

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