The function of the papers is to give you the opportunity to focus on an aspect of the class material that interests you, and may not be one of the main aspects that get dealt with in detail during the lectures.

This is a research paper and is expected to be properly formatted as such. You will choose from the provided list of questions, however should you have your own topic that you would rather write on, please contact me and we can discuss that. The papers should be 6-8 pages in length with a minimum of 6 sources not counting the textbook(s). No more than half of your sources can come from the internet (with resources like JSTOR being the exemption). Wikipedia is not an acceptable final source, although it is a great place to go fishing for other sources.

Choose a literary/pop cultural instance in which evil is portrayed (Kelly uses Frankensteins monster so dont choose that, but Dracula would be fine). I would like you to use two distinct approaches, either ones that we have addressed in class or otherwise (with permission) to the question of evil in your choice. What is it that makes our evil character evil? Do they see themselves as evil? Does religion play a role in the discussion of the “evil” character in this work? If it does from your own knowledge and research does it do it in an accurate way?

I choose Hannibal Lector and can be related to Mary Douglas and Kant on if he is really evil and how they would view him


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