Read the 3 sources that I will as here but you will need one more article journal, book or etc. to write your paper. I will add the helping direction that you will follow . You do not read the whole Nickel and Dimed book . You can read the first 21 page the write the paper.
For the body paragraphs:
You will add 3 of the 5 elements of an argument to the section of a body paragraph
1) subclaim and supporting information sentence 2) evidence and supporting details for 2 pieces of evidence
3) synthesis of evidence
4) significance statement
To discuss your main claim answer to the research question prompt: what is the epistemology behind the default settings of poverty, and how does this diverge away from other human conditions in the 21st century?
Section 1) subclaim and supporting information
A. The opening sentence is a subclaim: a because statement giving a reason why the main claim is true then explain this topic
Section 2) supporting proof (evidence) and details:
A. Use 1 direct quote and add 1 summary a line from your research and sources to illustrate and prove the points you make in section 1
!!!!! Add an MLA in text citation at the end of both the quote and summary
B. After each piece of evidence, explain each piece 1 at a time : tell your readers  how to summary shows what you mean, then do the same for the quote. * use the authors first and the last name the first time you refer to them, then last name only after
Section 3) SECTION #3 SYNTHESIZE THE RESEARCH & SOURCE EVIDENCE – 3 ways to do this (A) From your perspective, explain a common theme the authors see as important, and how they approach this theme similarly in the text: Brown, Thomas and Watters all see… and believe… (B) In your view, explain how the authors seem to argue against another (disagree) on _________: Eliot wants … while Craftman instead focuses more on … (C) In your opinion, explain how the authors seem to connect or relate in what they discuss – Peters looks at childbirth … and in same way Roberts sees the role of doctors in childbirth as …

Section 4)significance statement write 2 sentences stating why the topic of this paragraph is important.


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