The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the entire world to its knees. Schools and businesses were
forced to close, and instruction went virtual. Entire countries went into lock-down and people were
mandated to wear face masks and social distance to minimize the spread of the virus, as hospitals
were overwhelmed and the death toll, unimaginable. One year on, the problem is still as dire as it
1: Describe in your own words your experience during the pandemic and how it has affected you
personally. Also, describe how it has affected your family and friends, and most importantly, your
2: Your paper MUST be at least 4 pages long and should not exceed 5 pages, double spaced.
3: Total points for the research Paper = 200 points, therefore, the paper MUST be well written,
devoid of typological (spelling) and grammatical errors, as well as incomplete sentences and


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