This is Capstone Project for English.  I’ll give you the instructions.  And then I’ll show you what I turned in and what the instructor said.  If you want to take what I have and edit it from there, that’s fine. If you would rather start over, that’s ok too.  If you can give me a script for the powerpoint, I can record it. 

Original instructions:
There are 3 parts of this project.
1.    a complete version of the PowerPoint (with voice recording) (4)
2.    a copy of your storyboard to show your creation process (1 page)
3.    the reflective essay (2 pages)

Instructions attached

Here is what professor said:
I have some serious reservations about this presentation.  Having heard your Presentation for Eng. 4 A, I can tell this is not your voice.  Secondly, there is no connection to any of the works you were to read for the course.  This was the similar problem you had with the presentation for Eng. 4A.  That presentation was different and I can see how the literature might be left out…not this one.  I need you to go back through the modules for this assignment and bring in the literature to help support your claims.  Once you do that, I will grade and replace the zero.


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