Over the course of the last few weeks, we have noted that the US LGBTQ movements has often adapted techniques from the civil rights movement in order to advance issues of interest to the LGBTQ community and that one of the first efforts facing the US LGBTQ movement involved legalization. This week’s readings will give you a sense of not only what this process entailed with the US, but also a sense of what this process looks like outside of the US.

Canvas has randomly placed all of you in groups of 4 and each of you have been randomly assigned the following reading and guiding questions to form the basis of your initial post:

How did the US LGBTQ movement utilize identity to achieve their goals?

Please note that while you should try to skim all readings (or at least the seminar postings from your colleagues) thoughtfully, as they may be useful for your research project, you should read the article that is the basis of your initial posting carefully so you can convey the essence of the reading and how it addresses the guiding question(s) associated with your unit to your discussion group.

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reading:    Baglione CH 3-4
                  Bernstein (Celebration and Suppression: Strategic Uses of Identity)
                Bernstein (United States: Multi-Institutional Politics

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