Video: PBS Frontline documentary Growing Up Poor in America
Description of the Case Study Child In this section of the paper, you will briefly introduce and describe your assigned child and his/her development, behaviors, personality, school performance, emotional wellbeing, etc. You should also briefly mention any key information about the family as well. Read paper instructions to ensure you have what you need here. 
I provided the introduction can you make some adjustments : Introduction is one paragraph- focus more on Shawn, as in the second paragraph – but describe his personality more.

(Having trouble looking for 3 articles only Published 2014-2021 older studies/ articles not permitted)
Factors that Influence My Case Study Child  (Shawn)
In this section, you will likely have three paragraphs. The first paragraph should have a topic sentence and one or more sentences that state which three influences you focus on. Then you will start a second paragraph on the influence of either poverty (or low family income) OR racial inequality – whichever you opt to use. You will state which, describe how you think it impacted your case, and then back it up with a research findings from one of your articles. Start a third paragraph that focuses on the impacts of the pandemic, being clear about how you think that has impacted your case study child. Then back up your claim about that with the study (article) you found on the pandemic,The last paragraph of this section of the paper discusses whatever third influence you decide to discuss, following the same approach as for the first two – meaning, you will back up your claim using the third article you read. 

For this section of the paper, you will discuss three influences on your case study childand how you believe they each influenced him or her. This section is a bit more complex and will take many written drafts to write well. Please note the following:

1.First, you do not choose 2 of the 3influences. All students must select one from either poverty/family income OR racial inequality and one must be the COVID-19 pandemic(there are now many studies published in 2020 and in January of 2021 on how children have been impacted by the pandemic so far).
I choose family income and Pandemic(Covid-19)

2.The third influence is any factor of your choice-anysituation, process, etc. that you believe, based on the documentary, had an influence on your case. The options for this influence are nearly endless, but some ideas aremothers/maternal mental health/stress,parenting style/approach, lack of father involvement,quality of schools, biological factors or shifts, like having a disorder like ADHD, child/teen temperament and personality, extended family support, availability of mental health services,peers/friends, etc.
I didn’t choose one yet

3.Do not overly focus on one aspect of the child that was impacted -in other words, do not just focus this entire section on one outcome of the case study child -like only on emotional wellbeing or only on school performance.
4.Do not only focus on negative child/teenoutcomes or behaviors. The children in the documentary all demonstrated some positive outcomesand strengths-positive attitude, etc.


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