Read Maus (volume l and ll) and answer the following questions in your own words. Please note that the questions do not have a single “right” or “wrong.” They are designed to encourage you to think!

(1) Why does Spiegelman draw Maus using animals, rather than people? What animals does he choose? Why?  (3-5 sentences)

(2) Why does Spiegelman draw Maus in black-and-white, rather than in color? (1-2 sentences)

(3) Describe Art Spiegelman’s relationship to his brother Richieu. (2 sentences)

(4) Pick one illustration from Maus and describe it: what do you find particularly interesting in how it is drawn (i.e., the artistic technique). (3-4 sentences)

(5) Describe your reaction to reading Maus. What did you feel when you got to the “happy, happy ever after” end? (3-4 sentences)


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