Paper Instructions: For this Module 4 SLP Assignment, it is designed to work in parallel with the Case Assignment, which build on each other Module by Module. After completing Module 4 Case Assignment, where you wrote a Case Assignment on Pepsico & wrote a 8 page paper, complete this 3 page letter SLP Assignment using the same company used in Module 1,2,&3 SLP (highlighted on SLP attachment). Research is required. The written assignment requires an Intro (2-3 sentences), Body, Conclusion (2-3sentences), in-text citations and References, written in third person. Please show clearly in the written report the topics from the Mod4SLP being answered directly & entirely. Use the overview attachment for references (hyperlinks) and very important, please use schools library as directions/Research Instructions state as a MUST requirement. Also, be careful of paragraph construction and using very long paragraphs. Develop a single idea (based off subtitles) in a paragraph rather than multiple ideas, which can impede readability and understanding.


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