Please view a video or a digital story used by an organization that has relevancy to your specialty area. In your primary post, please provide a review and critique of that video or digital story. A few areas to touch upon are: is the digital story or video effective? Who is the intended audience? What techniques do they use to attract the viewer’s attention? What do you think the goals were of the creator? How could a video or story contribute to an organization’s social media campaign? If the video option is selected instead of creating a podcast, what would your plan be for creating a video or digital story this semester? Please remember to use sources to support your answers.

Instructions:  Your responses should demonstrate that you are applying the material from the notes and the readings. Your posts should be between 250-300 words. For full credit, you must demonstrate evidence of knowledge and comprehension from the readings. In this course, it is required that you use APA citation style for in-text citations and any references.

1 of my 2 required blogs have been completed and uploaded with the word doc. I need another blog content for the same topic (How to change your life in one year).
500 word minimum for the blog content.


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