Students have options for effective chapter discussions:

(1) Find a television commercial (link from youtube would be great!), what does this commercial say about gender?  [there are many topics you can draw from: family/household, car, food/beverage, etc. — are there particular themes you find with particular types of products?  (for example, beer commercials often have a gendered theme)]

(2) Similar to #1 — feel free to introduce a music video and analyze.  Do you remember Christina Aguilera’s Dirrty (2002) or Rihanna’s S&M (2011) — can you imagine a man singing such songs?  Or what about the many misogynistic songs created by men (and some women) [google it, you’ll find list upon list of misogynistic song lyrics].  Are these just fun, catchy music tunes? or do they impact us socially?  [does your perspective change if you think of your consumption as an adult, versus a young child consuming an singing them?]


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