Research Paper Assignment: Write a 6-8 pageliterary analysis of your interpretation of the authors purpose in the primary sourcethat you are analyzing: Sonnys Blues or The Yellow Wallpaper.The works cited page should be placed on the top of the last page of the paper, page 7 or more. Consider narrowing the focus of your paper to an issue that you want to investigate to determine its suggestions about the resolution of the conflict or one of the elements of fiction such as the setting, characters, major conflict, point of view, or symbols. Then, state your claim or argument about the authors intent. Your argumentative claim should state your interpretation of the authors purpose and the element of fiction or thematic issue that most effectively develops your claim. You must cite passagesfrom your primary sourcethroughout your paper as well as the expert analysis of three or more secondary sources. Secondary sources must be journal articles that I have posted in Canvas Module Four. Include fouror more of the secondary sources I have posted online in your working bibliography and incorporate at least one quote from one of them in each body paragraph of your paper (4 subtopics, concession, and refutation for a total of 6 or more secondary source quotes in your research paper as well as 4-6 or more quotes from the primary source). You must use the first two sources posted for your short story: Clayborn and Sherard for Sonnys Blues and Suess and Davison for The Yellow Wallpaper. Then, you may select any additional sources that you would like from those posted in Module Four. You should take notes from at least fourof the sources provided for your story and include three or more of them in your final essay.  The Yellow Wallpaper Topic Suggestions: In The Yellow Wallpaper discuss how the setting of the story influences your interpretation and what it suggests about the limitations placed on women in the nineteenth century. The narrator describes in great detail the house itself, the gardens, her room, and, of course, the diabolical wallpaper. How do the images in the wallpaper and the aspects of her room further contribute to the purpose of the story?Select four scenes in the story to develop your essay.


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