The student will locate a mental health professional actively involved in counseling divorced and remarried couples and blended families in the students local area. The student will prepare at least 10 questions, interview the professional and summarize his/her findings (sample questions provided below. The student will write a 3-4-page summary (not including Title Page and References) in current APA style documenting the interview and highlighting noteworthy observations. Please support your work by integrating in-text citations from your textbook and/or other scholarly sources.

Mental Health Professional Interview Questions:

From you experience, what are some of the most prevalent reasons couples divorce?
What are the most common challenges you see in the first three months following separation?
Do you recommend temporary separation as a technique in helping keep couples married? Why or why not?
What are the biggest adjustments couples have to make during separation? Divorce? Remarriage?
When and how do you tend to see the effects of divorce manifest in children?
What are the most difficult adjustments you see in two families coming together?
How do you counsel divorced individuals with kids to begin dating again? What do you recommend for that process?
What common mistakes do you see being made?
What is your personal theology of divorce and remarriage?
How does it fit with what you see and experience in your practice?


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