For this project you can choose to either submit a 5-10 page research paper or give a 7-9 minute presentation on a topic of your choice.  If you choose to submit a research paper, you should upload that paper in a pdf or word file format in this assignment portal by 9:40 am on 3/25.  If you choose to give a presentation, you should come to class on 3/25 prepared to give that presentation.

Your project should explain systemic racism within a specific segment of our society.  Below are a few ideas to consider:

Education (e.g., segregation, racial disparities in suspension rates, etc.)
Housing (e.g., segregation, house values in Black vs. white communities, predatory lending etc.)
Economy/Poverty (e.g., minimum wage leaves people below poverty line, discrimination, wage gap, etc.)
Health (e.g., access to healthcare, food deserts, disparities in COVID rates/deaths, disparities in health outcomes in healthcare settings, etc.)
Criminal Justice (e.g., police brutality, mass incarceration, racial disparities in sentencing, etc.)
Politics (e.g., disparities in political representation, efforts to suppress Black people from voting, etc.)
Climate and Environmental Justice (e.g., the majority of people who will be hurt the most by climate change are Black and Brown, heavy pollution in Black communities, etc.)
These are just a list of some of the big ones; you may also consider other areas such as art, sports, or something else.  You can decide whether you will take a broad focus (e.g., health) or if you want to narrow your focus to a very specific aspect of one of these broader systems (e.g., infant and maternal mortality).

Your paper or presentation should use at least 5 reputable sources that provide information about the systemic racism, especially for Black people, within your selected aspect of society.  You should essentially be explaining the evidence of systemic racism and the effects that this systemic racism has on the Black community.  Make sure that you include both in-text citations (for presentations as well as papers) and a references page/slide at the end of your paper/presentation.  Please use either MLA or APA citation style and keep a consistent style throughout your paper/presentation.


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