The goal of this assignment is to get you to think about one or more of the issues that we have discussed in the course thus far. I want you to consider this from any of a number of perspectives: looking at the research, comparing with other countries, thinking about public policy, or considering something from another aspect entirely.

You have 2 options here:
Option one is to take a chapter from Putnam, any chapter, and look at the information that hes presenting. Then do two things: recount what the findings of the chapter are, making sure to clarify what the problems are (there are LOADS of problems being illuminated in each chapter, you dont have to include all of them, but what you seen as the main one or ones), and second: Provide some policy recommendations by looking up what other scholars or Putnam himself has said may help and describe those and how they might work.

Option two is to look at any of the issues we have looked at thus far: inequality, opportunity gaps, educational inequalities, etc, and describe what the problem is, and then to describe what various solutions may be for it. So this is essentially similar to option 1, only beyond Putnam, but I want you to also include a set of examples (does not have to be many, could be three or four, or ten depending on what you find) of what is being done or has been proposed to address the issue.


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