I attached the rubric and instructions for reference. All that is needed is to write the introduction, significance of the problem, and the major point number one which is that suicide will be taken in their own hands. I have left a little description of what is expected. You do NOT need to write about major point 2 or 3, nursing interventions, or the conclusion. I have put all the major points below so you can mention them in the introduction.

Significant of problem: The problem is the patient is terminally ill and that they have no fix, they are in pain, depressed, and not living life the way they want. Read/provide the stats of terminally ill pt, and how many are in pain. Discuss terminal illness and why is that a problem.

Major point #1: Suicide will be taken into their own hands b/c the hospital does it so why can’t they? It will increase at-home suicide and make it okay to do. Support it with evidence that suggests that

Major point #2 are nurses breaking the non-maleficence, is this an ethical dilemma
Major point #3 Alternative options


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