The project report should be neat, readable, and self-contained. Also, it should be written with the readers in mind. Therefore, you should include adequate references and/or background materials and you should use tables, diagrams, graphs, figures, and printouts to enhance readers comprehension of your project.
The following format is suggested. You don’t have to follow it exactly. Some sections may not be needed, or additional sections may be necessary. In all cases, please type and paginate your report!

(1) Abstract. It comes first in your report, but you write it last.
(2) Summary. Gives succinct information on the purpose, methods, results and conclusions reported.
(3) Introduction. Include background material and discuss the scope and limitations of your project.
(4) Discussion. The body of your report. This includes the methodology used. Be sure to fully describe any figures,
tables or diagrams you include.
(5) Results.
(6) Conclusions.
(7) Recommendations, especially for future work and unsolved problems.
(8) References (must always be included), annotated if possible.
(9) Appendices, including supporting material as needed.


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