For this assignment, you will draft a working thesis statement and compose a full-sentence outline for your Research Paper.

To get started, I suggest reviewing this handout, which you used to develop the outline for your Textual Analysis Essay.  You may also wish to re-read WEAL chapter 7, which offers strategies for developing a good thesis.

Keep in mind that your thesis (which should appear in your introduction) will be the 1- or 2-sentence answer to the research question you developed for your Research Proposal.  This thesis will drive the central focus and structure of your paper. All subpoints should support or relate back to the thesis.

One major difference between between your Textual Analysis Essay and your Research Paper is that the latter involves the coordination of multiple sources. Organizing the Research Paper will require a more sophisticated approach. Consider using one of the organization strategies suggested in this handout.

I chose you as the writer because you already wrote this paper for me. This is an extra assignment that was given towards the paper. I will attach all files including the paper you wrote.


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