Please use the Readings and ONLY the Readings in the attachment answering the following questions:

1. Evaluate the impact of the home economics movement’s effort to make the home scientific on eating patterns and cooking at home.
2. Evaluate whether cooking or meals are necessary.
3. Evaluate several perspectives on whether moving out of the kitchen was a good thing. Should home cooking be encouraged?

(There are 9 articles in the Readings, please cite at leads 5 of them).

Frederick, Catherine. The new housekeeping: Efficiency studies in home management. 1913, Republished in 2009 by General Books. (Excerpts)

Anon: Downstairs Upstairs: Women have not escaped the kitchen: it has come to them. The Economist, Dec 22, 2007.

Citi Group, Inc. I don’t cook so I made my eat-in kitchen a fabulous walk-in closet, 2007.

Krieger, Ellie. 2013 Lenna Frances Frances Cooper memorial lecture: Bring cooking back: Food and culinary expertise as a key to dietitians’ future success. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. 2004, 114 (2): 313-319

McGrath, Megan. Back to the kitchen. Ms Magazine Winter 2013 42-45

Ochs, Elinor and Margaret Beck. 2013. Dinner. In Fast-Forward Family: Home, Work, and Relationship in Middle-Class America. Ed. E. Ochs and T. Kremer-Sadilk. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press. p.48-66

Bradford, H. How ordering food online is making you fat. The Huffington Post. 10/28/14

Severson, Kim. It’s Dinner. But is it Cooking? New York Times 6/4/16

Sloan, E. Home cooking – Pandemic and beyond. Food Technology Magazine. 9/1/20


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