PART THREE: Write a coherent and concise essay on one question from each of the two pairs of questions below.  Support your statements with reference to the source mentioned and the events it covers.

1.    Jeffrey Record makes very strong charges in The Wrong War.  What are his most important charges, on what basis does he make them, and how did issues of command authority and responsibility affect the conduct of the war in Vietnam?


2.    According to Jeffrey Record, did the leaders of the U.S. armed forces propose workable plans for maintaining South Vietnam as an independent  country?  According to Record, what methods were likely to be most effective in preserving South Vietnam?  What efforts were likely to be fruitless?  Who had the best understanding of this problem in the 1960s?

3.    Stokesbury outlines the war in Korea and describes several major phases in the development of the war.  What were the major phases in the Korean War?  Did US/UN goals remain constant?  Why is the issue of war aims important in a war such as the one in Korea?

4.    What kind of a war was the Korean War according to Stokesbury?  A civil war?  An all-out war?  A limited war?  A Cold War conflict?  Other?  How do you see it?


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