Using the DiAngelo reading…

(Answer all of these)

1. Define whiteness.

2. Define white fragility.

3. What is the function of white fragility?

4. What are some catalysts for white fragility? DiAngelo uses the phrase “triggers for white fragility,” but I’m critical of the implication that white racism is triggered by, or is the result of trauma, rather than a powerful source of trauma for people of color. I’m choosing to use the word ‘catalyst’ instead.

5. How does white fragility manifest? Give one verbal and nonverbal (body language) example.

6. What social factors reinforce white fragility?

(Consider at least one, but feel free to include more if you need to reach your page count)

7. Watch this video of white people talking about race: What verbal and nonverbal examples of white fragility do you notice?

8. What does Robin DiAngelo and Tim Wise’s prominence as white antiracists say about white fragility? Which catalyst(s) for white fragility does this reflect?

The Video _ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXow7olFyIM&t=5s


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