Now I want you to focus on the concept of basing staffing needs off need to assure  positive patient outcomes in a procedure of your choice

  You are charged as the Director of the RT department at RTs make a big difference Medical Center

  Your CEO does beleives in Respiratory Care – but wants to make sure certain procedures you are providing result in high quality safe and effective  outcomes for the Medical Center.  He asks you to pick a respiratory care procedure  or protocol you feel really makes a positive difference in the future of patients and the hospital.  He knows this may take more time both for you and your staff.  He wants you to prepare a report. In the report you are to identify the protocol or procedure, tell how you will educate all so they know you are focusing on this specific area , how you will implement it if it is not already taking place, how you will monitor and report the data.  What you feel yo will need to do to assure success.  He also wants to know if this will involve more time for some of your managers and if staff will need to take more time. Of course he also wants to know if this quality data program will cost him – the hospital any more money to perform.  Be creative or use a procedure or protocol already in place at your center.

  This is a discussion so it will be graded as such and 2 relies to your peers on their presentation is required


    Example – You are sure that when RTs ( not nurses or MDs) provide consistent asthma education by reinforcing and educating them via  their personal asthma plan each on every shift -that there is a 75% drop in the readmission rate of such asthmatics with in 30 days .

Every asthmatic at the end of each day shift will successfully demonstrate  evidence of being able to competently state why they must take their daily medication,  when  they should  take and demonstrate how to  deliver it effectively themselves . 

  You theorize if each RT was given 5 asthmatics for one 12 hour shift and allowed to spend up to a total  of  1.5 hours through out the 12 hour shift- outcome is this – this drop in readmission to the hospital within 60 days

You will need a manager on nights and days to assure staff are providing the education .  This will take about 10 minutes of their time every shift.    You will be asking the IT department to report data from the EMR showing admits and readmits of patients receiving education from Resp Care .  You will also be interviewing those patients who do return within 30 days to gain insight as to why they had to be readmitted so soon.

  This would be your quality project-  You need to assure you tell us why you picked this quality project and tell us how you will sell  this to your CEO .  You must include the number of staff you would need to use on a typical 12 hour shift to assure success of the project.  Tell us how you will keep track of the daily progress and how you will provide the quality metric.




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