The Term Paper should address a homeland security law or policy issue or problem. It can relate to your job, the job you want to have, an issue in your jurisdiction, or another jurisdiction. The topic can be a national or global issue. What interests you the most? What topic do you want to know more about?

Pick an issue that will stretch your knowledge and experience and propose something you think would or wouldnt work in relation to the issues and disciplines we are discussing in class. For topic ideas, just buy the local newspaper and look at the issues confronting the homeland security community or your workplace. Rather than beautiful prose, what we want is hard-hitting, clear and concise analysis. Tell us what you think and why, with back up, and you’ll have a hard time going wrong. In short, you will get a better grade for analysis than pontification.


The paper will be a maximum of 2000 words. While you will need to cite appropriately, were not looking for a research paper. The proposed issue should be outlined in the same manner you would do (as above) for a policy maker who would be looking to you for insight and analysis. You need to take the issue, divide it into understandable bits, and highlight the pros and cons of the various sides (analysis, evaluation, and synthesis). Explain the ups and downsides to the courses of action the policy maker might take and then make a recommendation backed by your experience, research, analysis, etc…

Additionally, the paper must consider the impact of your policy recommendation on at least one other homeland security discipline with which you are affiliated. For example, the proposed topic assignment above addresses federal-state interface command and control (C2).  Another example,  if you are in the Coast Guard and recommend a new security policy, how would that relate to the ports civilian law enforcement agencies, the private sector or health concerns?

The format should consistent with APA or MLA Writing Style.  You can begin research using our own HSEM Library Research Guide here.

How U.S. immigration policy should be changed to enhance national security while preserving our identity as a “nation of immigrants.”  (THIS IS BASICALLY THE TOPIC I CHOSE FOR THIS TERM PAPAER)

My Title/ Topic-  What has the current U.S. Immigration Law been Built Upon.

PART 1 Principles- The purpose of this topic is to evaluate the U.S. Immigration Law, what those principles look like now and how does that affect our security measures.

PART 2- Ananlysis of the immigration National Act (INA) on granted and permissions.

PART 3- EO ( Executive Order) Revision of Civil Immigration Enforcements.

PART 4- Summary and Recommendations.

The reason I chose this topic because a lot of my family are immigrants and so was I at one point in my younger life.  I find this topic interesting and difficult to understand at the same time because it’s not so black and white, and its Law is constantly changing,  always updating new rules off who can and who can’t.

** Lastly, The pages or word count can range between 3-4 pages. This is with the Resource sheet included as well.***


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