To embrace the Enlightenment was to assert ones membership in an intellectual community committed to expanding its association through reading, print, and other forms of discourse, a community that was both intellectual and social, critical and collective. This was sometimes done in a rigid encyclopedia, or like in Voltaires Candide, satire. With this in mind, answer this question:

What diverse views of women do we find in the text from these Enlightenment readings? (You can and should include the readings on Rousseau and Wollstonecraft in this answer)

Create a typed response between 300 and 400 words which answers one of the three particular questions fully. Include the word count on the last line of your paper. Be sure to use specific examples from the readings, but at the very least make use of Voltaires Candide. You can (and are encouraged to) include the other readings from the Enlightenment to illustrate your point.

If you do not include specific examples or do not reach the word limit, you will not receive full points on the assignment. Do not repeat the question, but instead incorporate it into your answer. Avoid being overly vague with your examples and be sure, again, to make use of the readings. For quotations, note the page number and author (when available).

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