CRMN 3020: Essay Guidelines
Students will be required to write an analytical/critical research paper on an issue of their choosing related to corporate crime.

Technical Requirements:
7-8 pages
Double spaced
Size 12 font Times New Roman
Title page (not included in page count)
Page numbers
APA Format
Reference list (not included in page count)

The purpose of this essay is twofold:
1) Enhance your writing, research and critical thinking skills
2) Become increasingly comfortable with the corporate literature

Sample analyses include:
Applying criminological theory
Cross-national comparison
Critical analysis of media depictions

Essay Writing Tips

Introduce topic generally.
Clearly state your thesis and explain exactly what you are going to be doing.
This paper will use the case of topic in order to test the efficacy of criminological in explaining white collar crime

Background Information/Literature Review
Discuss research pertinent to your topic
Section of the topic followed by section of criminological theory

Take information on topic, and show how criminological theories can help explain the case

What have we learned from the analysis
These theories help best explain the case of topic, these less so
Why is it important?

Recap of what you done
Limitations of research
Directions for future research


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