Who are the primary targets of these types of propaganda and what emotions or ideas are they attempting to invoke?

Create a typed response between 300 and 400 words which answers one of these particular questions fully. Include the word count on the last line of your paper. Include the word count on the last line of your paper. Be sure to use specific examples from the readings. Be sure to include at least one example from each of the main countries being discussed this week (Russia, Italy, Germany). I also encourage you to make use of examples from Snyder’s “On Tyranny”.

If you do not include specific examples or do not reach the word limit, you will not receive full points on the assignment. Do not repeat the question, but instead incorporate it into your answer. Avoid being overly vague with your examples and be sure, again, to make use of the readings. For quotations, note the page number and author (when available).

You will be submitting your paper through Canvas, through the assignment link. You must upload your paper to this link before the end of the day Saturday (11:59 pm). I will grade your papers through the link, and you should be able to see my comments within a few days of submission.


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