In our final unit, we will use the research from our Unit III annotated bibliography assignment to write our final essays. 

Take heart class! You have done the research and have become authorities on your topics (at least more than you might have been 15 weeks ago). Indeed, your research and your works cited page are finished (you are allowed to add sources and annotations if you decide that you need more research than you had in Unit III, but otherwise, your research and works cited are already finished!).

For this final essay you will conceive of an audience and a goal as described in-depth here Slide Show Lecture: Unit IV and here in the Unit IV: Discussion I: Audience Description.  Follow these links and read through the discussion description which will help you generate an audience and goal for this final essay.

Once you have a firm grasp of what you will argue and to and for whom you will write, the final step will simply involve writing the essay.  You will be posting a half-length rough draft (minimum 500-750 words) as an attachment here in the Unit IV: Discussion II: Rough Draft. There you will receive some feedback from me to help you further refine your concepts of audience and goal as you move towards the final draft.


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