Bridge 4  – Argumentative Research Essay
A thesis-driven piece of creative nonfiction that relies on research in regard to the issue you began at the start of the semester.
Weve been building up to this Bridge for the last few weeks. This is the actual Research Essay. In a normal semester, it would be 5-7 pages long. For us, in our condensed semester. It will be shorter. 
Three pages long, not including your Annotated Bibliography page.
Due 5/10 by upload to your Google Drive folder (please note, our last Zoom meeting is on 5/7. This essay will be due 3 days after)

Assignment Objectives
–Choosing a specific topic or focus for the paper
–Coming up with a thesis (central claim) about the topic and sustaining that claim throughout the paper
–Researching and choosing appropriate sources with relevant evidence that relates to the central claim in the form of support, background information, and/or counterargument.  You must have no less than 4 different sources.
–Using evidence to support the central claim, acknowledge counterarguments, and establish context in the form of quotes and paraphrases (in the Chicago style)
–Summarizing (briefly) the related texts and materials, recognizing their related central structures, main arguments, and uses of evidence, and putting them in dialogue with one another.
–Developing an organizational structure that sustains the central claim and related text
–Practicing drafting, revising, and editing skills
–Creating an annotated bibliography (in the Chicago Style) [please note: this does not count toward the 3 page count]
–Times New Roman, 12 point type, double spaced


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