Writing Anew: Write a fairy tale that critically engages one or more of the tales or themes weve studied in this course. In addition, you must include a self-critique that analyzes the title, structure, language, and content of your tale. The self-critique must clearly identify the ways in which your tale challenges or perpetuates traditional fairy tale thought patterns or ideologies(like religion or prejudice), making specific references to material covered in this course. You must refer to a minimum of 5 tales or films listed on the syllabus. It is not enough to simply list titles. You should explain how your tale engages with the course material!

Thesis statement:how your tale challenges or perpetuates traditional fairy tale thought patterns or ideologies.

Example: WonderBunny challenges traditional fairy tale constructions of gender by creating a strong, sexy, fearless smart rabbit who defeats the sly fox. Modeled on the Little Red figure in Angela Carters The Company of Wolves, WonderBunny….Unlike Carters Little Red figure, who …, WonderBunny….

Essay length: Fairy tale 1800-2800 words (approximately 6-8 pages) AND self-critique (minimum 750 words). Make VERY SURE that your self-critique presents a clear, thoughtful analysis and adheres to the minimum length guidelines!


(1) Your self-critique must reflect an awareness of the course material, and must include answers to the questions posed in the prompt.

(2) Your fairy tale may be a rewriting of a traditional tale (or tales). Alternately, you may write a completely new tale. It may be set in past, present, or future.

IMPORTANT: If you choose to rewrite a traditional tale, your version must differ SUBSTANTIALLY from the original. It is NOT sufficient to simply change names or alter the ending of a traditional tale.  If in doubt, check with me before submitting your essay

(4) If you consult outside sources, you must document them. Failure to do so will result in a failing grade.

(5) Your fairy tale and self-critique must be your own work, and must not be similar in form, content, and/or argumentation to those of your classmates.


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