Research Paper Topic (ENGL 152)Each student will choose a well-known, published (in English and in any genre) author who has lived from 1600 C.E. to the present.  The student will then write an argumentative essay concerning some of the different literary devices utilized in a work of literature from the selected author.  For example, in the case of poetry, the student can discuss the different images, symbols, or figures of speech used in a particular poem.  Essentially, you will be arguing whether the elements you are examining are actually utilized (in the manner you describe) in the selected work.  The student must defend their assertions through research (for example, literary criticism).For research, the student must use at least six sources.  Remember to utilize sources from EBSCO Host (OCC library online database) and other reputable websites.  Encyclopedias (of any type, including internet) do not count as a source.Students must use the most current MLA (Modern Language Association) style for all aspects of essay formatting, including in-text citations and the works cited page.  Information on the most current MLA style can be found at mla.org.The length for this paper is a minimum of 1,000 words long.  The paper mustbe typed, double-spaced and use Times New Roman font (twelve point).  For any other formatting issues, also follow the most current MLA style format for essays.


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